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Why Simply Natural Living?

I strongly believe that our health is directly affected by the world we are living in. Today’s world is not so simple. People are busier. We are more industrialized.  Life has become more complicated. 


Every day we are exposed to numerous chemicals. They are everywhere. Some of which are toxic. We cannot completely avoid toxic substances. But we can make small changes in our homes and lives to limit our exposure. This may seem completely overwhelming. That is why I’m here.

Simply Natural Living

My Story

It was 25 years ago when I decided I wanted to try face wash. My mother took me to the local pharmacy and helped pick out a sensitive skin face wash. The next morning I woke up with a bright red swollen face. My skin had reacted to something in that face wash. Why was this face wash labeled gentle for sensitive skin? Frustrated, I turned the bottle over to read the ingredients…. more like tried to read them. The ingredient list was filled with long words that I couldn’t pronounce. I didn’t know what they were.


The internet was not at my fingertips to research back then. Instead, I went to the library and used the resources available. I learned that the government was not necessarily protecting us from harmful ingredients like I had believed. The Federal Drug Administration (of the United States) had no authority over cosmetic product testing and only 11 ingredients were banned in our cosmetics. I decided that if I didn’t know what an ingredient was I was not going to put it on (or in) my body. 


Fast forward 25 years now that I’ve been researching ingredients! The number of ingredients that I personally avoid has gotten longer over the years. I’ve looked at the number of ingredients banned in cosmetics by the United States government (11) and compared it to the number banned by the European Union (1328). There is a similar discrepancy in the number of food ingredients banned in both as well. 

After all these years I’ve developed many of my own products and recipes. I have also tested a lot of what is available to the consumer. We, the consumer, have a loud voice. I have seen this first hand as I watch more and more products become available. Even brands known for their chemicals have created “green” products to try to compete with the brands that are providing what the consumer wants.

Simple Life

Today’s not-so-simple life means people are no longer eating farm to table. We are buying products that are far more processed than those our parents (and grandparents) used. Therefore, we are more exposed. Unfortunately, we can not go back in time. But we can strive to live a bit more of a simple life moving forward.

In my home, we strive to live a more eco-friendly natural healthy life. We limit the toxins in our home, in our cosmetics, and in our foods. We eat a (mostly) plant-based diet that is free of artificial colors and ingredients. Holistic health is an important part of our home.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. -Jim Rohn

Leave a comment, let me know how you would like to change your life to be a bit more simple and natural or the changes you have already made. 

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